Introducing the first seamless hysteroscopy system for office or operating room.


integrated camera rotation eliminates awkward tubing management

automatic upright image orientation lock for seamless visualization

reduced insertion diameter increases patient comfort

largest working channel with the smallest insertion diameter

advanced rapid tissue resection

small system footprint fits any office or OR environment


We’ve removed the complexity of hysteroscopy procedures by creating a seamless system that does it all.

The Aveta™ System is an all-in-one tissue removal solution for intrauterine pathology. Because of its small footprint, it can be equally integrated into any exam, procedure, or operating room—offering patients and physicians more advanced, convenient, and cost-effective procedure options.

Wide-angle HD hysteroscopy with electronic upright image-lock, advanced fluid management with improved pressure and fluid deficit control, and the smallest insertion diameter with the largest working channel allows optimized tissue resection.

Empowers physicians to:

provide patient care for the most demanding cases

offer more hysteroscopy procedures in all procedure settings

remove tissue in challenging locations in the uterine cavity




Saves time, overhead expenses, and landfill space.

We’ve simplified the Aveta™ system components, which means there’s less to set up with a shorter learning curve.

The Aveta™ System offers the convenience and long-term savings of sterilized single-use devices eliminating reprocessing and repair costs.

The next generation of hysteroscopy.

Gone are the days of rotating an entire hysteroscope (with cumbersome tubing and cables) to get a clear view. The Aveta™ hysteroscope camera has built-in LEDs and is easily controlled with the turn of a knob.

Our image orientation lock feature ensures a consistent frame of reference for physicians. Even though the viewing angle may change during a procedure, the viewing perspective will stay the same.

The result? A high-resolution, wide angle, and always upright image—for fast, easy, and efficient procedures.


Integrated fluid management system for fluid waste and tissue chip collection with fluid deficit monitoring

Built-in LED light source

Image transfer

HD video

Patented smallest single-use Hysteroscope with largest expandable working channel (2 sizes)

Single-use Resecting Device (2 sizes)

Office Hysteroscopy

Clinic and/or Hospital Operating Room (OR) Hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy Procedures: Fibroid (myomectomy), polyp (polypectomy), retained products of conception (RPOC), biopsy, diagnostic hysteroscopy, therapeutic hysteroscopy


The Aveta™ System removes uterine fibroids, polyps and/or Retained Products of Conception (RPOC) from the uterus with a minimally invasive hysteroscopic approach with no incisions. This simple and quick procedure will have you back on your feet and enjoying your daily life activities within a few days. Hysteroscopic procedures are the preferred polyp and/or fibroid treatment for women who may want to still become pregnant.


Our US customer service team can provide product information and help you select the right Aveta™ suite for your team.

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